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Pet goat 'killed for satanic ritual', owner says


The owner of a pet goat whose head was “hacked off” fears it was the victim of a satanic ritual.Disabled pygmy goat, Licorice, was found decapitated in her paddock in Tillington, Herefordshire last Tuesday. Her head has not been found.A “clean cut” had been made to the nine-year-old’s body and owner Don Coates said he could not understand how anyone could do such a thing.West Mercia Police said it was investigating the circumstances.Mr Coates told BBC News he had raised Licorice since birth when he realised she had a disability which meant she fell over if she “went round a corner”.He said he found her body when he came to feed his animals and began to think she had been killed “for some sort for satanic ritual”.Midlands Live: Neglected child forced to sleep in shed; Foodbank reports rise in demand”My first thought was she had been attacked by animals,” he said.

“On second thought, when I looked at her, it was a clean cut – no head. Where has the head gone?”We searched round the field and around the boundary of the small holding. No sign of her head.”People that have looked at it said ‘that’s a clean cut.’ The man that came to collect the body said ‘that’s been hacked off.'”I just cannot understand why someone would do this to a pet goat of grandchildren and great-grand children, and me.”In a statement, police said it was not known if the death was suspicious.”The incident is believed to have happened sometime between 21:00 on Monday 16 October and 12:00 Tuesday 17 October and officers are investigating to establish the circumstances surrounding the death of the animal.”
Source: Worcester News