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Long Lartin: Prison staff 'attacked with pool balls'


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Up to 80 prisoners have attacked staff with pool balls at a high-security prison, the BBC understands.A source said staff at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire had retreated from E wing after inmates became violent.BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Danny Shaw said he understood about 10 “tornado teams” of riot officers had been sent to the prison.The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said: “We are currently managing an ongoing incident at HMP Long Lartin.”

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There’s been serious violence in local&training prisons – but to have a disturbance like this at high security jail will cause alarm at MoJ— Danny Shaw (@DannyShawBBC) October 11, 2017

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“We are absolutely clear that offenders who behave in this way will be punished and face spending extra time behind bars,” the statement added.Our correspondent said there had previously been serious violence in local and training prisons, but to have a disturbance like this at a high-security jail would cause alarm at the MoJ.He said staff on E wing had retreated and it had been secured, so the troublemakers could not go elsewhere. There is also believed to be a separate protest elsewhere in the jail, our correspondent said. The disturbance is the latest in a series of large-scale disorders at prisons around the country.It follows riots at a number of jails in recent years, including Lewes, Bedford, Birmingham and Swaleside.Analysis Daniel Sandford, home affairs correspondentAny disturbance at a prison is worrying, but at Long Lartin it’s particularly worrying.It’s one of the highest-security prisons in England and Wales; two-thirds of the inmates are serving life sentences.Normally the higher staffing ratios and older age of the prisoners means you get less trouble.But like all prisons, Long Lartin has suffered cuts and has lost a fifth of its staff.They are recruiting, but it’s a prison on the edge.

HMP Long Lartin is a maximum security jail which also holds up to 622 male inmates.The category A prison has housed a number of high-profile inmates, including radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza and murderer Christopher Halliwell.Four prisoners have been killed at the jail in the last four years.Child murderer Subhan Anwar was strangled in 2013, while killer John York was beaten to death in his cell in 2015.In June 2016, Sidonio Eugenio Teixeira was killed using a rock wrapped in a pair of socks.Two inmates who murdered a fellow prisoner were jailed for life last month.An inspection report published in 2014 described a “calm, well controlled prison”. “But, while violence and bullying were few, there continued to be some very serious incidents,” it added.Have you witnessed these events? E-mail us at [email protected] can also contact us in the following ways:Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

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