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Gamekeeper trapped by fallen tree uses chainsaw to escape


A gamekeeper who used his chainsaw to free himself from underneath a huge tree which had fallen on top of him says he is lucky to be alive.Kieron Robbins, from Abberley, Worcestershire, suffered a broken ankle and bruising when he was flattened by the tree as he worked in nearby woods.But realising he could reach his chainsaw, he cut the trunk, “quite close” to his legs to set himself free.Until then he said he thought “that’s it”, as no-one knew he was there.More updates on this storyMr Robbins had been carrying out tree surgery in woods near Stubbs Lane and was knocked to the floor by the tree when it “flew back” after he cut it.

He said he screamed for help before spotting his chainsaw by his left-hand side.”I just thought the only thing I could do was just get it off my leg because my phone was in my pocket.”He said he struggled with the weight of the tree on him and had a throbbing pain in his legs.”I started cutting quite close to my legs… it pinched a few times but luckily I had the strength to get the saw out and I felt the pressure of the tree just go.”There was a rush of blood to my feet and the first thing I did was wiggle my toes and I knew I hadn’t broken my spine or anything.”He managed to use his phone to raise the alarm and was taken to hospital where two plates and bolts were put into his right ankle.”So I say, if you’re going to work alone, then let somebody know,” he said.Ambulance staff said he was incredibly lucky not to have suffered more serious injuries.
Source: Worcester News