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EU citizens' Brexit status 'intolerable' – CBI


The head of the UK’s biggest business group has described as “intolerable” the Government’s failure to resolve the rights of EU citizens after Brexit.

Confederation of British Industry (CBI) director general Carolyn Fairbairn attacked a lack of progress in the divorce talks with the EU in remarks to the organisation’s London lunch event.
But she reserved her most stinging comments on the lobby group’s demand, immediately after the referendum result, for an unconditional guarantee from ministers that EU citizens can stay in the country.
Ms Fairbairn attacked the failure to secure such a deal just a day after the Prime Minister used a radio interview to warn that the rights of EU citizens could “fall away” if Britain is forced to abandon Brexit talks with no deal.
The CBI leader told her audience she stood “shoulder to shoulder” on the issue with the TUC and Labour’s London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

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She said: “As Brexit uncertainty continues, London’s bright lights must not be allowed to dim, whether by accident, delay, or design. We must not close the door on its open economy.

“One million EU citizens live and work in London. The NHS has 13,000 staff from Ireland. 8,000 Poles, 7,500 Spaniards, 6,000 Italians.
“London’s hospitals have more EU-born staff than any other English region. If even some decide to leave, both our health and wealth will suffer.”

Video: If Brexit happens ‘jobs will leave the city’

“After 15 months of human poker, the uncertainty facing them has become intolerable. It is a blight on the values of our nation.”
Ms Fairbairn also used her speech to warn that London companies were starting to plan for a “no deal” Brexit – echoing the sentiments expressed by the chairman of RBS in an interview with Sky News days ago that the Government has six months to prevent an exodus of City jobs.

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