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Brain tumour patient in 100-miles kayak challenge


A man believed to have become the first UK brain tumour patient to undergo 100 cycles of chemotherapy has completed 100 miles paddling along a river.Ben Lindon, of Malvern, Worcestershire, who was first diagnosed 10 years ago, has been kayaking along the River Wye to raise funds for research. He undertook the 100 mile challenge to coincide with his 100th round of chemotherapy.Mr Lindon, 39, raises money for Brain Tumour Research.

During his ten years of treatment he said that doctors had warned him chemotherapy might make him unable to become a father.But he now has two children.”I think they feel some kind of pride in what I’ve done,” he said.”But I don’t think they can cognitively generate the sort of understanding of what it is I’m doing it for.”Mr Lindon had his 100th round of chemotherapy on 8 August and said he needed something to coincide with this.He said: “So it was my idea to do 100 miles of something. I thought kayaking, never done it before, give it a go, let’s see if we can do 100 miles.”
Source: Worcester News